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    Application Tracing

    So OpenCover []is as feature complete as I care to take it at the moment, I may do this one feature involving Windows Store applications [] should I have a need for it, and I decided to not continue with OpenMutate [] as I can't really find a need for it other than an exploratory investigation into reJIT. I do have one more itc


    Mutation Testing; a use for re-JIT?

    Where to start... Mutation testing is described [] as modifying a program in small amounts and then executing the original 'passing' tests that exercise that code and then watching them fail. It is a way of making sure your tests are actually testing what you believe they are testing. Setting the stage... So how can we do this with .NET? Well first we need to know what tests execute what code and we can use OpenCover [

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    Questions about open source and liability in the workplace

    Last weekend I attended DDDSydney and one of the most interesting sessions was a panel session about Microsoft and Opensource (Open Source & Microsoft Ecosystem); though as these things go, it went quickly off(ish) topic as expected by the panelists whom I'll refer to as the crazy drupal girl and the 3 stooges (honestly no offence folks, it was highly entertaining). However it got me thinking about the number of projects where I come have across an unusual bit of open source software that has s