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    What is this "waterfall" thing of which you speak?

    > I'm going to describe my personal views about managing large software developments. I have had various assignments during the past nine years, mostly concerned with the development of software packages for spacecraft mission planning, commanding and post-flight analysis. In these assignments I have experienced different degrees of success with respect to arriving at an operational state, on-time, and within costs. I have become prejudiced by my experiences and I am going to relate some of thes


    A weekend at Random Hacks of Kindness

    Random Hacks of Kindness [] (or RHoK for short) is a hacking event that I've been involved with on and off over the past four or five years. Since we have just had a recent RHoK event in Melbourne (Nov 2017) I thought I should write down what my own personal involvement was this time so that others may get a feel of what it is like to become involved in RHoK or other similar hacking events. RHoK is not a competitive hacking event with big prizes up for g


    The "Pigs" and "Chickens" fable

    I think anyone who is anyone who has heard of Agile and Scrum have heard of the Pigs and Chickens story and how it describes those who are committed to the delivery of the project, as "Pigs", and those who are just involved, as "Chickens"; if not click on the image below and learn more about it. []However I was just recently re-reading "Death March []" by Edward Yourdon (1st E