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The API Journey for AccountRight Live

My talk at ALT.NET on designing the MYOB API....

Shaun Wilde
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My talk at ALT.NET on designing the MYOB API.

"Building an API for your product isn’t just about choosing your technology and planning your scaling capabilities when you unleash it upon the world. For nearly 2 years MYOB have been developing an API for our AccountRight Live product and we would like to share with you our journey into making an API that is used by our own products, such as PayDirect, and one that our developer partners can also use productively - “Integrating with the MYOBapi has been so quick for us. For example [when] MYOBapi let us know when the new endpoints were available for payroll we were able to complete our full depth integration over the space of 16 hours."

The full talk can be found here on YouTube.

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