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    Moving blogging platform to Ghost

    Welcome to my new blog. Like it? I hope you do as I know I prefer it to the the Blogger version I was originally using. Moving platforms had its ups and downs so I thought I would detail a bit of the journey. Getting started was quite easy, I decided to trial it with Ghost [] where the nice guys there will do the import for you (of course they will, they want you to sign up with them). Most of the transformation went without a hitch but I have quite a few code samples and not a


    Using GMock with Visual Studio CppUnitTestFramework

    One of the things I have been a bit disappointed with myself during the development of OpenCover [] is the lack of unit testing around the C++ code that makes up the profiler. I did toy with GTest [] and got some decent tests around the instrumentation engine but I was never able to actually test the profiler callbacks, also I found the lack of GTest integration with Visual Studio quite irritating; I know I have been spo

    open cover

    Happy Birthday OpenCover

    Happy Birthday Today OpenCover [] is 4 (four) years old, where has the time gone? In that time it has had over 60,000 nuget downloads [], been adopted by the SharpDevelop community as the coverage tool for their IDE, and, as I found out the other day, is also being used by the corefx team [] to supply coverage information [