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    Improving your source code quality

    One reason I work on Open Source projects such as OpenCover [] is so that I can try things out, experiment if you wish, sometimes it's TDD techniques or a new mocking framework, and sometimes it's tooling; some of these experiments were successes and some were successful failures; my experiment in using SpecFlow for unit testing was interesting but I'll never do that again; my knowledge in what I can do in SpecFlow however has greatly improved. Tools help u


    A line in the sand

    Just recently I read Rework [] again on my kindle as this book really resonated with me at the time and I thought it was about time I read it again; the book is from the guys at 37 Signals aimed at people starting a business. When I got to the section titled "Draw a line in the sand" I realised that this book is also appropriate to anyone who is thinking of creating/managing or getting involved in an open-source project/product; I am not talking abut flinging up some source

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    Free stuff for Open Source .NET development

    For the past few years that I've been been working on OpenCover [] I've had the opportunity to use a number of tools during its development, a few of those are commercial tools that have been made available for free to developers of Open Source projects or just to the project itself because I asked nicely. Some of those tools I still use and some just carried the project through part of its journey so I thought it would be nice to give those tools a shout o