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    Keep your development workspace tidy

    A big issue I find when working in today's modern development environment is the ever increasing number of git repositories we now have to maintain. With each repository comes a number of branches that we create, push and pull as we progress the development of each service and over time they just start to build up like driftwood on a beach; not the pretty driftwood of photos and art-pieces but junk useless wood that have long served their purpose. Just recently I counted that in the space of a


    Adding search to your [ghost] blog - part 2

    Okay this is the next step in adding search functionality to my blog. The biggest let down of the original integration was that I need to remember to run the search updater every time I made a new, or just updated a, blog post, but what if I was writing the entry remotely or, more than likely, just plain forgot? At the end of the last post [] I mentioned the possibility of adding a IFTTT snippet (actually they call them applets) t


    Adding search to your [ghost] blog

    Recently I wanted to find something in my own blog that I had written about and though I only have a small number of posts compared to some, it still took more time than it really should have. So I decided to look at adding some search functionality; because I am originally from Yorkshire it should be free, because I am lazy it should be relatively easy. A quick google search (the meta-irony is not lost on me) and a few dead ends, I ended up trying Algolia []. Now this lo