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    What is this "waterfall" thing of which you speak?

    > I'm going to describe my personal views about managing large software developments. I have had various assignments during the past nine years, mostly concerned with the development of software packages for spacecraft mission planning, commanding and post-flight analysis. In these assignments I have experienced different degrees of success with respect to arriving at an operational state, on-time, and within costs. I have become prejudiced by my experiences and I am going to relate some of thes


    Debugging NuGet Packages

    Have you ever noticed that now we have embraced the micro-services architecture of doing things, instead of one big monolithic repository of code we have it all broken into smaller repositories of single/reduced responsibility... To share these little bits of wisdom we package them up into little parcels that we can import into 100s of other projects distributed across our services. Then, something goes wrong and we can't debug what is going on inside these little gems and we wonder why we did


    Adding a tags page to a Ghost blog

    An odd thing about Ghost is though it allows you to tag your posts it doesn't provide an out-of-the-box way to access all the tags as a single view. It is relatively easy to set one up yourself and give it a reasonably consistent look and feel to the main blog. To start you need to enable the host public API, you'll find this in the Labs section of your ghost admin. Then, you need to create a static page with a post url of tags. Now we have to create a special theme file called page-tags.h