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    A simple TDD example

    I recently posted a response to StackOverflow wrt TDD and Coverage []and I thought it would be worth re-posting the response here. The example is simple but hopefully shows how writing the right tests using TDD gives you a better suite of tests for your code than you would probably write if you wrote the tests after the code (which may have been re-factored as you developed). "As the [original] accepted answer has pointed out your actual scenario reduce

    The API Journey for AccountRight Live

    The API Journey for AccountRight Live

    My talk at ALT.NET on designing the MYOB API. "Building an API for your product isn’t just about choosing your technology and planning your scaling capabilities when you unleash it upon the world. For nearly 2 years MYOB have been developing an API for our AccountRight Live product and we would like to share with you our journey into making an API that is used by our own products, such as PayDirect, and one that our developer partners can also use productively - “Integrating with the MYOBapi ha


    Customsing New Relic installation during Azure deployments

    For about a year we've been running New Relic to monitor our WebRoles running on the Azure platform. Installing has been quite simple by following the instructions initially found on the New Relic [] site and is now available via Nuget []; however two things about this process have been irking me. First, I wanted to be able to distinguish the CI and Production deployments in the New Relic portal by making th