Recently, I decided to review all my old articles that have been scattered across the internet over the past decade or two with the idea of either tidying them up or answering questions that I may have neglected etc.

During this review I came across an old article from 2007 hosted on CodeProject that demonstrates a way of creating custom dialogs for Visual Studio setup projects and was not documented by Microsoft. Since I went through the pain of working it all out, I thought I should share what I'd found out in case anyone else was in the same boat and needed to do the same. The problem I now have with this particular article is that people are still asking questions about how to solve something using the technique I provided and all I want to do is shout "No, that was 2007 there is a better way now, there was even a better way then. Don't any of you read the background of why we did this? Please, just stop!". I say this because there are better ways of working with installers and I now feel guilty that I may have sent one too many people down a horrible path, but what do I do? I could delete the article but that would mean that those who have used the article would lose the information I had provided, so instead I decided to add a new section to the top of the article, a sort of a "Caveat Emptor" or "Here be dragons!"


I hope it works but only time will tell.