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    Death by a thousand cuts

    Every year I decide to spend some time refreshing OpenCover i.e. upgrading to the latest tools such as Visual Studio, upgrading all the packages that OpenCover depends on etc. etc. and it is never a good time for me. I don't know why I do this to myself, I know it is going to hurt and it's always the tiny things that somehow take ages to remedy. However I need to do this so that I can uninstall old versions of Visual Studio before I move on to addressing some of the latest features and issues w

    Improving your source code quality

    One reason I work on Open Source projects such as OpenCover [] is so that I can try things out, experiment if you wish, sometimes it's TDD techniques or a new mocking framework, and sometimes it's tooling; some of these experiments were successes and some were successful failures; my experiment in using SpecFlow for unit testing was interesting but I'll never do that again; my knowledge in what I can do in SpecFlow however has greatly improved. Tools help u


    A line in the sand

    Just recently I read Rework [] again on my kindle as this book really resonated with me at the time and I thought it was about time I read it again; the book is from the guys at 37 Signals aimed at people starting a business. When I got to the section titled "Draw a line in the sand" I realised that this book is also appropriate to anyone who is thinking of creating/managing or getting involved in an open-source project/product; I am not talking abut flinging up some source