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    It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll, ...

    Okay, starting a blog post using a title from the first lines of the lyrics to "The Time Warp" does seem a bit unusual but with what I intend to cover in this it will all make sense, probably. Time... what is it really? I am not going into some weird arty-pseudo-psycho babble of the ephemeral nature of time [] but as a software developer I usually have to deal with time, and dates, in some form

    Configuring Cloudflare Page Rules

    I moved to Cloudflare [] sometime ago so that I could take advantage of their tools such as free DNS, SSL, analytics, caching etc. to support my ghost [] based blog. I wanted to host my blog on but I didn't want to host nor anywhere and wanted to keep my options open i.e. if I wanted to use the domain for more than just a blog. I still wanted to support https://www...


    Only time will tell

    Recently, I decided to review all my old articles that have been scattered across the internet over the past decade or two with the idea of either tidying them up or answering questions that I may have neglected etc. During this review I came across an old article from 2007 hosted on CodeProject [] that demonstrates a way of creating custom dialogs for Visual Studio setup projects and was not documented