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    Can you give something back?

    Why does it seem, to me at least, that the vast body of developers will actively use software that has been contributed through open source efforts but will do nothing to add to that wealth and instead continue to rely on the efforts of others? How can we try to change that behaviour and get more developers contributing in some way? I wrote about a similar topic [/how_do_we_get_users_out_of_open_source_welfare_/] some years ago and I referred to it as a type of welfare. Perhaps it was a bit har

    Aw shucks, thank you!

    I just received this today and it really made my day and I thought I should share. > Hiya Shaun, > Just wanted to drop a quick email of emphatic thanks for your many years of work with OpenCover. I was tasked with the job just recently of introducing unit + service tests, along with things to ensure quality outcomes are being achieved with this (i.e., measurable outputs)... OpenCover was such a simple drop-in tool. > Having never used it, I was up and going in under 2 hrs, complete with HTM

    The importance of canary builds.

    So now that Visual Studio 2017 [] is officially out I thought I would use the long Easter weekend to upgrade the OpenCover project to this new version and tackle any issues that I normally encounter when this upgrade time comes around. However before I can start this upgrade process I first need to tackle the bit rot that has recently set in. > Bit rot (or software rot []) is when your code just starts failing due