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    Aw shucks, thank you!

    I just received this today and it really made my day and I thought I should share. > Hiya Shaun, > Just wanted to drop a quick email of emphatic thanks for your many years of work with OpenCover. I was tasked with the job just recently of introducing unit + service tests, along with things to ensure quality outcomes are being achieved with this (i.e., measurable outputs)... OpenCover was such a simple drop-in tool. > Having never used it, I was up and going in under 2 hrs, complete with HTM

    The importance of canary builds.

    So now that Visual Studio 2017 [] is officially out I thought I would use the long Easter weekend to upgrade the OpenCover project to this new version and tackle any issues that I normally encounter when this upgrade time comes around. However before I can start this upgrade process I first need to tackle the bit rot that has recently set in. > Bit rot (or software rot []) is when your code just starts failing due

    Keep your development workspace tidy

    A big issue I find when working in today's modern development environment is the ever increasing number of git repositories we now have to maintain. With each repository comes a number of branches that we create, push and pull as we progress the development of each service and over time they just start to build up like driftwood on a beach; not the pretty driftwood of photos and art-pieces but junk useless wood that have long served their purpose. Just recently I counted that in the space of a