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    Not dead yet...

    So it has been a while but I am glad to finally say I have released another version of OpenCover - 4.7.922. The release candidate has been out for a few weeks now with no issues reported so I decided to bite the bullet and get the latest release out; the releases, as always, can be found on Nuget [], Chocolatey [] and Github []. I'd say most of

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    A spike on `robust` JSON handling in .NET

    When working with JSON formatted data in .NET I have always found it frustrating that I am losing something valuable if I want to use some form of contract to help reason about the code and improve understanding about the entities being worked upon. What did I just receive? The first issue I often come across is that after I have deserialized the data I simply can't tell the difference between null and undefined (or missing/absent) e.g. if we had the following entity public class User { str


    A weekend at Random Hacks of Kindness

    Random Hacks of Kindness [] (or RHoK for short) is a hacking event that I've been involved with on and off over the past four or five years. Since we have just had a recent RHoK event in Melbourne (Nov 2017) I thought I should write down what my own personal involvement was this time so that others may get a feel of what it is like to become involved in RHoK or other similar hacking events. RHoK is not a competitive hacking event with big prizes up for g