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    A spike on `robust` JSON handling in .NET

    When working with JSON formatted data in .NET I have always found it frustrating that I am losing something valuable if I want to use some form of contract to help reason about the code and improve understanding about the entities being worked upon. What did I just receive? The first issue I often come across is that after I have deserialized the data I simply can't tell the difference between null and undefined (or missing/absent) e.g. if we had the following entity public class User { str


    A weekend at Random Hacks of Kindness

    Random Hacks of Kindness [] (or RHoK for short) is a hacking event that I've been involved with on and off over the past four or five years. Since we have just had a recent RHoK event in Melbourne (Nov 2017) I thought I should write down what my own personal involvement was this time so that others may get a feel of what it is like to become involved in RHoK or other similar hacking events. RHoK is not a competitive hacking event with big prizes up for g


    Can you give something back?

    Why does it seem, to me at least, that the vast body of developers will actively use software that has been contributed through open source efforts but will do nothing to add to that wealth and instead continue to rely on the efforts of others? How can we try to change that behaviour and get more developers contributing in some way? I wrote about a similar topic [/how_do_we_get_users_out_of_open_source_welfare_/] some years ago and I referred to it as a type of welfare. Perhaps it was a bit har