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    Questions about open source and liability in the workplace

    Last weekend I attended DDDSydney and one of the most interesting sessions was a panel session about Microsoft and Opensource (Open Source & Microsoft Ecosystem); though as these things go, it went quickly off(ish) topic as expected by the panelists whom I'll refer to as the crazy drupal girl and the 3 stooges (honestly no offence folks, it was highly entertaining). However it got me thinking about the number of projects where I come have across an unusual bit of open source software that has s

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    How do we get Users out of [open source] Welfare?

    How do we get Users out of [open source] Welfare? Okay an odd title but something I've been thinking about for some time and I suppose is the source of much frustration I have been having whilst maintaining PartCover []; I am hoping to reverse the situation with OpenCover []. Categorizing open source users First I'd like to explain that I like to roughly categorize people involved in open source like thus: Contribut

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    OpenCover First Beta Release

    OpenCover First Beta Release Okay, the first post on a blog I created many, many months ago and still not got round to starting. Why the delay? Well, just been busy and not a lot to say; actually some would say I have too much to say it's just not publishable. But now I am happy to announce that the first release of OpenCover is now available on GitHub []. "So what?" I hear you say, "we have NCover, dotCover and PartCover [and probably many others