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    Mutation Testing; a use for re-JIT?

    Where to start... Mutation testing is described [] as modifying a program in small amounts and then executing the original 'passing' tests that exercise that code and then watching them fail. It is a way of making sure your tests are actually testing what you believe they are testing. Setting the stage... So how can we do this with .NET? Well first we need to know what tests execute what code and we can use OpenCover [

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    Unusual coverage in VB.NET

    Recently a user posted on StackOverflow [] on why he was seeing unusual coverage results in VB.NET with MSTEST and Visual Studio. The the question already had answers that helped the questioner but I decided to delve a little deeper and find out why the solution proposed worked. The issue was that in his code sample the End Trywas not being shown as covered even though he had exercised the Try and the C

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    Adding OpenCover to TeamCity

    Adding OpenCover to the latest version of TeamCity [](6.5) couldn't be easier however if you need help follow these simple steps. 1. Download []and install OpenCover 2. Download []and install ReportGenerator (actually unzip) 3. Register the OpenCover profiler DLLs using the regsvr32 utility regsvr32 /s x86\OpenCover.Profiler.dll regsvr32