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    MongoDB, Mongoid, MapReduce and Embedded Documents.

    I am using Mongoid []to store some data as documents in a MongoDB []database and then run some MapReduce []queries against the data. Now I have no trouble with mapping data from normal documents and an embedded document but I could not extract data from an embedded collection of documents i.e. class Foo include Mongoid::Document #fields field :custom_id, :type => String #relations


    The "Pigs" and "Chickens" fable

    I think anyone who is anyone who has heard of Agile and Scrum have heard of the Pigs and Chickens story and how it describes those who are committed to the delivery of the project, as "Pigs", and those who are just involved, as "Chickens"; if not click on the image below and learn more about it. []However I was just recently re-reading "Death March []" by Edward Yourdon (1st E

    open cover

    Mutation Testing; a use for re-JIT?

    Where to start... Mutation testing is described [] as modifying a program in small amounts and then executing the original 'passing' tests that exercise that code and then watching them fail. It is a way of making sure your tests are actually testing what you believe they are testing. Setting the stage... So how can we do this with .NET? Well first we need to know what tests execute what code and we can use OpenCover [