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    Book Review - Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API

    I've written a book review on 'Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API' and posted it up on CodeProject [] . Summary I liked this book and I took a lot from it that I am now using to build that sample application using KendoUI []. If you want to learn about ASP.NET Web API then this book isn't for you and you'll learn a lot more from the ASP.NET Web A


    Getting code coverage from your .NET testing using OpenCover.

    Introduction OpenCover is a free, open-sourced [], code coverage tool for .NET 2.0 and above running on the .NET platform. It supports sequence coverage, branch coverage and has a cover by test facility. Though OpenCover is command line only, a rich HTML UI of the results can be visualized using ReportGenerator []. We will aim to demonstrate how you can use this utility to get visibility into your testing coverage. Backgro

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    Application Tracing

    So OpenCover []is as feature complete as I care to take it at the moment, I may do this one feature involving Windows Store applications [] should I have a need for it, and I decided to not continue with OpenMutate [/2012/02/mutation-testing-use-for-re-jit] as I can't really find a need for it other than an exploratory investigation into reJIT. I do have one more itch to scratch when it comes to profilers and tha